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Commercial Building Surveyors

Established in 1993, TT Building Surveyors have built a reputation on providing effective and timely building certification and compliance advice to the commercial sector.

Our experience and knowledge helps you to navigate through the essential process of building legislation for prospective commercial building sites.

Heritage Building Surveyors

Heritage buildings hold a special place to most cities. They’re a place the community can gather or worship and often they’re part of our city’s history. With this in mind, we can provide heritage building surveying services that take into account the special place a heritage building holds in the heart of the public and the city.

Often with heritage building restorations traditional trade skills are used to help keep the original feel of the buildings and can include buildings such as baths, fire stations, post offices, government houses, gaols, town halls, railway stations, schools and colleges, theatres and cinemas, sports grounds and even bridges, towers and stadiums.

Shop Fit-out Surveyors

Shop fit-outs can be an expensive process. Even more so if not done correctly with the appropriate planning in place. Ensuring you have a reliable shop fit-out building surveyor is the first port of call before your team of designers start thinking about planning and design, producing and installing the required fitting and joinery needs.

Office Surveyor Consultants

When moving into a new office, ensuring you have all the right building audits, certifications and assessments is a must. We can offer assistance and advice on compliance of buildings along with detailed inspection and reporting on commercial office buildings, transportable office buildings, business office buildings, industrial office buildings and retail office buildings.

Shopping Centre Surveyors

Developing shopping centres can be a lengthy and complicated process. Ensure that your shopping centre building surveyor consultants have the experience and knowledge to understand the nuances and differences of shopping centre constructions to other industrial and commercial affairs.

With a focus on safety and thorough inspections, we assist shopping centre clients during and after construction ensuring buildings are intrinsically safe and meet all requirements.

Educational Building Surveyors

They say children are our future and schools are the foundation of the next generation of business leaders, entrepreneurs and great thinkers. Ensuring a solid start to any school project is the foundation of a successful construction process. TT Building Surveyors have vast experience in providing school building surveyor consulting services to a wide range of schools, colleges and universities throughout Queensland and Australia.

Multi-level and Open Deck Car Park Surveyors

Carparks are becoming more and more of a necessity these days. With more people living in cities and space becoming a rare commodity, scoping out a carpark project with the correct fundamentals is essential.

Processing Plant Surveyors

Building a new processing plant in this modern era is a complicated and expensive business. That’s why you need the best staff and consultants to work with you to ensure your process plant construction project goes smoothly, on-time and within budget. TT Building Surveyors have experience in the manufacturing and process plant industry with proven results and a great track record. If you need process plant surveyor consultants call us today on 07 3253 1200.

Our Projects

Emu Park
Aubigny Place - Mater Hospital
Aubigny Place - Mater Hospital
Wheller Gardens Aged Care
Wheller Gardens Aged Care
Wheller Gardens Aged Care
Wheller Gardens Aged Care
Emu Park


"TT Building Surveyors have provided certification services to Churches of Christ in Qld over a number of years. TT Building Surveyors have always approached issues from a different prospective [sic] taking into account the long term implication on the operation of the buildings. This view has the effect of reducing the long term maintenance costs for the Churches of Christ in Qld. TT Building Surveyors have undertaken audits of our properties, provided pre planning advice as well as general advice on building matters. We have always found TT Building Surveyors to be professional and friendly, providing excellent service."

Andrew Woodward, Group Manager- Assets, Property and Development
Churches of Christ in Queensland